Amber Victoria

Analog Artist.
Digital Entrepreneur.

I am a creative entrepreneur, teacher, and tech advocate based in Asheville, NC.

My Story

I enjoy engaging in dialog with community members, founders, and students about art, tech and business. My interests lie at the intersection of technology, startups, and social/environmental advocacy. Through Creative Chrysalis I team up with clients and partners to make big impacts in our local communities as well as on a global scale.

My Values & Beliefs


I will never work on a project that does not resonate with my values. This pledge of authenticity shapes my work.


I love the details and my clients count on me to be diligent in finding the best solution for their needs and executing on the deliverables.


The companies I work with value the joy their business brings to the world. I strive to help each client realize the sensation that brings them into their work and share that message with consumers.

Featured Publications

Current Projects

Teaching Resources

  • DIY Website Video Tutorial
  • Asana Workspace Tour
  • WordPress Child Themes Overview

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