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Even the most driven and hard working entrepreneurs get bogged down by all the stuff that gets thrown at us on the daily. At Creative Chrysalis we offer a range of services and product development assets to help businesses move towards their goals with confidence.

Customized project management tools

AirTable, GSuite, Slack, Asana and Trello support

Innovative web design

Team operations evaluation and leadership coaching

Path Finding

Schedule a strategy session with me to clarify both what urgently needs attention in your business and explore the important factors affecting your long term success.


Project Management Review

Ready to take your venture to the next level, but can’t imagine quadrupling your task list? How about 10x?! I’ll do a complete review of your current project management process and show you where you are losing BOTH money AND time.

Custom PM Solutions

Ready to give your project operations an immune boosting ginger shot? We’ve got an app for that: AirTable, GSuite, Slack, Asana, Trello…and more

Team Ops Audit

Loving the sound of that title? Yeah, we didn’t think so! If you’re having a hard time delegating tasks, retaining talent, or growing your business- chances are you need an audit. 

Is workflow software a fit for my business?
How does it work?

According to Forbes, there are more project and task management tools available today than ever before. However, many businesses fail to capitalize on all the benefits of integrating one or more of these tools due to overwhelm and the fear of investing in a tool that takes more than it gives back. That’s where Creative Chrysalis comes in!

What types of businesses need workflow solutions?

Well, these days…all businesses should be using workflow management software in their project management toolbelt. There is so much to gain from investing in the implementation and training of these tools. And there is so much to lose by falling behind the curve in the wake of the productivity and efficiency gains your competitors are using to get ahead now.

Which software do you recommend for teams?

I love working with teams that are motivated to influence their industry and get stuff done! The software we recommend will be based on the following factors: 

  • team size
  • team roles
  • sales needs
  • budget
Why are you qualified?

I’ve been spearheading projects and managing teams for the past ten years. Over this time I’ve learned from so many mistakes and built a wealth of knowledge around what needs are best solved by which tools. I also have experience as a facilitator, designer and strategy consultant.

That all makes for a pretty epic blend when it comes to creative problem solving for your management and operational needs!

How does it work?

Depending on your needs, we start with what you know you need and build from there. Each software setup, consultation and product delivery is custom suited to your business. I’m a good listener.

What if I need more support?

I offer maintenance packages on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to help make sure you get through the learning curve with he extra support you need. 

About Amber Victoria

I am a creative entrepreneur, teacher, and tech advocate based in Asheville, NC. I began working in small business management in 2013 while completing my undergraduate degree at UNC Asheville. 

Amber is always engaging in dialog with community members, founders, and students concerning the ways that technology, startups, and responsible advocacy can team up to make big impacts in our local communities as well as on a global scale. 

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

“I started Creative Chrysalis to provide the tools, training and insight that I wish I had when I was growing my first business.

Let us help you move beyond the every day and into the vision of the future with our services!”


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